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Welcome to Dayton Elementary!

First Grade Art Classes

Hi everyone, This is our song and dance from class. We left one line out can you figure out which line it is?
The diagonal line is the one that we left out of the song. It goes in the song after the horizontal line.

What You Need: Pencil , paper, and if you have them-crayons, or markers, or paint to add color to your artwork

 What You Do:

 Imagine that you are going on an adventure.

  1. Think about the following questions:
    • “Where are you going on your adventure?” (a distant land, somewhere you’ve been before? a new place?)
    • “How will you get there?” (by car, plane, train, on foot, via a new mode of transportation?)
    • “Who will you see when you arrive?” (a friend? a family member? a creature? an alien?)
    • “What will you do on your adventure?”
    • These are just a few ideas you can use in your artwork. Please draw and color your adventure.
I will post some artwork later this week.
Watch the video on my home page of Mati and Dada visiting Henri Matisse. Then draw and color a picture that is inspired by Matisse's bright colors and patterns. Or, you could do a cut out picture like Matisse's art.  
Watch the video on my home page of Mati and Dada visiting Peter Brueghel.  Draw or paint a picture of your favorite toy or game like Peter Brueghel's painting. 
 This is your last week of art class. I have really enjoyed teaching you. I can't wait to see you again soon. Please draw a picture of what you want to do this summer. Thanks for your hard work and your creative art!