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Third Grade Art Classes

Hi Third Grade,
When you have some extra time this week DRAW. Here are some ideas: a bowl of fruits and vegetables, a self portrait that conveys your mood, sit outside and draw what you see, or draw what you see outside your window, draw your pet, or draw a picture of your choice. Remember we were learning about repetition. So try to choose an element of art in your drawing and have it repeat. Some art elements are: lines, color, shape, and texture.
Have Fun!!!
I will post some artwork later this week.
Watch the video on my home page of Mati and Dada visiting Henri Matisse. Then draw and color a picture that is inspired by Matisse's bright colors and patterns. Or, you could do a cut out picture like Matisse's art.  
Watch the video on my home page of Mati and Dada visiting Peter Brueghel.  Draw or paint a picture of your favorite toy or game like Peter Brueghel's painting. 
 This is your last week of art class. I have really enjoyed teaching you. I can't wait to see you again soon. Please draw a picture of what you want to do this summer. Thanks for your hard work and your creative art!